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New journal TheoretiCS launched

We are happy to announce the launch of TheoretiCS, a new open-access journal dedicated to Theoretical Computer Science. 

TheoretiCS is firmly rooted in the Theoretical Computer Science global community. It has involved an unprecedented level of cooperation of representatives of leading conferences from across the entire Theoretical Computer Science community. Its Advisory Board is composed of representatives of most of the main conferences in the field (currently APPROX, CCC, COLT, CONCUR, CSL, FOCS, FoSSaCS, FSCD, FSTTCS, ICALP, ICDT, ITCS, LICS, MFCS, PODC, SoCG, SODA, STACS, STOC, TCC) and of a few further "members-at-large".

The scope of TheoretiCS is the whole of Theoretical Computer Science, understood in an inclusive meaning.

Our aim is to rapidly become a reference journal and to contribute to the unity of the Theoretical Computer Science global community. In particular, we will seek to publish only papers that make a very significant contribution to their respective fields, that strive to be accessible to a wider audience within theoretical computer science, and that are, generally, of a quality on par with the very best journals in the field.

TheoretiCS adheres to the principles of diamond open-access: there is no charge to read the journal, nor to publish in it. The copyright of the papers remains with the authors, under a Creative Commons license.

The inaugural Editors-in-Chief are Javier Esparza (TU München) and Uri Zwick (Tel Aviv U.). The entire Editorial Board can be seen at

TheoretiCS is published by the TheoretiCS Foundation e.V., based in Dortmund, with Prof. Thomas Schwentick as its current chair.