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Department of Com­pu­ter Science


Working group

Logic and Computing: Databases, Automata, Complexity (LogiDAC)

Working group

Knowledge-Based Systems

Working group

Information Engineering


System Administration


Former employees

The following list contains alumni of LS 1 since 2007. The list is incomplete. If you would like to be mentioned in this list, please give us a short note.

Dr. Henrik Björklund
Markus Brinkmann
Dr. Jesse Heyninck
Dr. Lars Hildebrand
David Kampmann
Dr. Ahmet Kara
Dr. Patrick Krümpelmann
Prof. Dr. Wim Martens
Dr. Matthias Niewerth
Dipl.-Inf. Iris Paternoster-Bieker
Dr. Martin Schuster
Dr. rer. nat. Nils Vortmeier
Dr. Hubert Wagner
Prof. Dr. Katja Zeume
Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeume