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Fakultät für Informatik

Logic and Learning

Veranstalter Prof. Dr. Jean Christoph Jung
Klassifikation Seminar
Semester Sommersemester 2023
Ort und Zeit Dienstags, 14.00 - 16.00 Uhr, OH 14, E04

Up-to-date information as well as all course materials can be found in due time in the moodle room (registration via LSF)


The computer-aided creation of logical formulas has applications in diverse areas of computer science, for example, in artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and reasoning, databases, and verification. Of particular importance is the framework of example-driven specification of formulas in which the human users specify positive and negative examples, and the computer is supposed to reverse-engineer a good formula (in some given logic) fitting the examples. Such a fitting formula can be used to query the data later or as an explainable classifier in the sense of machine learning for predicting properties of later data examples.

In this seminar, we will investigate example-driven specification of formulas for different logics and in different settings. There will be both more theoretical and more practical topics possible.